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Premium Hosted Food Tours

“The first thing you must do in Hoi An.”



Sharing Hoi An’s Food Secrets

Food is inextricably linked to the Vietnamese culture, both materially and culturally and the cuisine of central Vietnam is often complex and luxurious in taste, texture and appearance. From the 7th to 10th centuries Hoi An was at the centre of the Cham empire’s spice trading route. Later, from the 15th to 19th centuries, it became a trading port for the Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Indian and Dutch – many of these traders settling here.

With this multicultural influence and access to food and ingredients from around the world, a unique food and social culture developed - however for one reason or another today much of this food still remains anonymous to visitors.

With this in mind, in 2011 we established a food & cultural walking tour helping visitors to discover and experience the true taste of Hoi An.

Our Mission

Delivering a safe, authentic and entertaining food experience connecting visitors with the humanness of Hoi An cuisine.

Our Vision

A center of excellence in food tourism making a responsible contribution to both the viability and sustainability of Hoi An’s unique food culture.